"Tool Free" Aluminum Quick Release Latch for Boom Racing BRX01 Body


  • This part allows for quick access to the battery and/or do repairs conveniently. No tools and no magnets either.

    Pull the aluminum handle slightly downwards and the spring loaded latch releases.

    Made of:
    Aluminum guard & handle
    Stainless steel lock pins

    CNC aluminum guard
    Spring loaded aluminum handle
    Stainless steel lock pin
    Easy to use

    1x Aluminum Handle
    1x Aluminum Guard
    2x Stainless Steel Lock Pin
    1x Preload Spring
    1x M2.5x14 Socket Cap Screw
    2x M2.5 Grub Screw
    1x Hex Key

  • Product total weight: 12.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BRX01 "Tool Free" Aluminum Quick Release Latch