Multiplex SMART SX 9 FLEXX Function Expandable Radio System


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SMART SX 9 FLEXX Set FUNCTION - Something for everyone!



The SMART SX 9 FLEXX function set leaves nothing to be desired. With the all-round care package, they are fully equipped for any type of function model, whether it is an RC excavator, crawler, print, tank or ship. With the 9-channel FLEXX transmitter, you control your model precisely and can control additional functions with the enclosed block.

  • 9-channel (max. 4 proportional channels, max. 9 switching channels through any number of MULTIswitch FLEXX # 7 5888)
  • 50 ID Model memory (ID adjustable)
  • ID = Automatic model recognition
  • IOAT: 2.4 GHz antenna integrated in the housing. Range up to 3km
  • Many functions can be added (fully flexible bus system with MULTIswitch FLEXX)
  • Implementation of almost all RC models on the market possible (truck, tank, car, ship)
  • Incredibly many models can be operated simultaneously
  • Servoreverse easy to adjust
  • Digital steering trim
  • Buzzer for acoustic feedback: trimming, transmitter battery, range-wide test, function buttons
  • Updateable via integrated interface (MPX Launcher)
  • Ergonomics: light and handy
  • Long operating time up to 25 h

The transmitter recognizes the respective model through the M-LINK ID receivers and activates the corresponding setting from its considerable model memory. With the proven 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission system, the full range is safely available.

Thanks to the easy operation of the transmitter, almost every other model, from a wide range of manufacturers, can be set up in a child-friendly manner. Even the last final trim of a model is stored. Of course, the SMART SX can also be operated with any M-LINK receiver. The setting of a non-ID receiver is respectively stored or overwritten on model memory 0.

How to do it:

Three additional functions can be activated per MULTIswitch FLEXX. If your model requires more than 3 functions, simply switch another MULTIswitch in series. These can be connected in any quantity of RX 4/9. Several functions can be placed on one channel. Example: steering 50% right - right turn signal.


Transmitter SMART SX FLEXX, Receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK, MULTISwitch FLEXX,
Programming cable, 3 Mignonbatteries for the transmitter, detailed instruction manual

Technical specifications

Weight : 1 Kg
Transmission Type: M-LINK
RC channels: 9
Model memory: 50
Language Output: No
Telemetable: No
Servo channels: 5

9-channel receiver for SMART SX 9 FLEXX!

In order to be able to use the SMART SX 9 FLEXX M-LINK transmitter as a 9-channel transmitter for function models, you need a 9-channel M-LINK receiver. We recommend the optional 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX M-LINK ID (# 5 5837). The special features of the RX-4/9 FLEXX are the adjustable ID, max. 4 Proportional channels, max. 9 switching channels in conjunction with the MULTIswitch FLEXX switching modules (# 7 5888). These circuit modules can be connected in any quantity in a bus system to the 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX.

Switch modules for the FLEXX system

A completely flexible bus system with bus system that will inspire all functional model builders in the world of RC ships, trucks, crawlers and tracked vehicles to completely new solutions in the model.
The MULTIswitch FLEXX switching modules (# 7 5888) can be connected to the 9-channel receiver RX-4/9 FLEXX in any quantity in a bus system.

English Video

Tamiya Truck MULTI FUNCTION UNIT controlled by MULTIPLEX SMART SX 9 Flexx - YouTube

German Video

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