LaserFoam 1.9 R116x40 Heavy Duty (2)


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Accurately cut tire inserts 1.9 for 1:10 scaler and crawler with 28 teeth

    Heavy duty version
    Especially suitable for trucks
    Outer diameter (serrated end): 116 mm
    Inner diameter: 50 mm
    Width: 40 mm
    Weight: 14 g / piece
The Crazy Crawler LaserFoams 1.9 R116x40 Heavy Duty are precision cut tire 
inserts made of foam. They give the 1.9 tires significantly more lateral
stability and still remain nice and soft on the tread. With a tire size of approx. 114 mm, a stable foam is extremely important.
Therefore, for the size R116 the LaserFoams are only available from the heavy
duty version The material and cut shape ensure that the tire only rolls in the immediate area
of ​​the profile, which ensures the best driving characteristics and a scaled look. With 50 mm inner diameter, you can easily pull over any, even "pimped", rim. Scope of delivery: 1 set = 2 pieces