KUDU™ 90mm Scale Shock Absorbers (2)





  • This is a pair of KUDU 90mm scale shock absorbers. Every aspect of these shocks has been optimized to deliver scale performance and precision adjustability.

    • Scale performance shocks for off-road vehicles
    • Billet aluminum cylinder body for strength and durability
    • Steel Shock Shaft with Titanium Nitride Coating
    • Plastic pivot retainers for smoother swivel movements and replaceable
    • High degree pivot angle for high-angle articulation
    • Double X-Ring oil seals design
    • Cylinder and Friction seals prevent leaks and contaminants from entering
    • Bump stops provide an additional level of bottoming control
    • Stainless steel pivot balls for stainless, corrosion-resisting pivot rotation
    • Aluminum pivot ball tool included for hassle-free maintenance

    • Length (eye-to-eye):
      • 90mm extended
      • 70mm compressed
    • Shocks available in 70mm / 80mm / 90mm
    • Difficulty Level: 3 out of 5

    • 2x Piston
    • 4x Rod Guide
    • 2x Separator
    • 4x Pivot Retainer
    • 4x Oil Seal
    • 2x Bump Stop (6x1.5mm)
    • 2x Cylinder Seal (8x1.0mm)
    • 4x Pivot Ball
    • 2x Piston Rod
    • 2x Lower Mount
    • 2x Upper Mount
    • 2x Cylinder
    • 2x Cylinder End Cap
    • 4x E-Clip (2x5x0.4mm)
    • 1x Alum Pivot Ball Tool

    • Boom Racing BADASS Shock Oil (not included)
    • Boom Racing Silicone Grease #BRGRS10274-20 (not included)
    • Thread Lock (not included)