BR KRONIK™ Trail Survival Kit™


  • This KRONIK™ Trail Survival Kit includes all the necessary hardware for your crawlers and trucks when you're out on the trail. Every hardware you need to get your truck back in running condition to get through the day so the fun won't stop!

    Total hardware count: 125pcs

    It is essential to bring a variety of hardware when going out on the trails. We break stuff in the RC hobby, it is unfortunate but unavoidable. Small issues happen on the trail all the time, be it a broken hex pin or a missing wheel nut. The last thing anybody wants is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken RC car. This KRONIK™ Trail Survival Kit is a life saver in these situations.

    Never leave the trail with a broken rig!

    It usually takes an extended amount of time to build your own "survival kit". Instead of taking months to build a useful hardware box, this KRONIK™ Trail Survival Kit provides the convenience to quickly let you go on an adventure with the peace of mind knowing you are covered with all necessary hardware.


    High Grade Steel Screws:
    Includes Cap Head, Flat Head, Button Head
    M3x6mm 5pcs 
    M3x10mm 5pcs 
    M3x16mm 5pcs 
    M3x20mm 5pcs 
    M3x25mm 5pcs 
    M3x30mm 5pcs 

    M3 Locking Nuts 5pcs 
    M4 Locking Nuts 5pcs 
    M4 Flanged Locking Nuts 5pcs

    Set Screws:
    M3x16mm 5pcs
    M3x3mm 5pcs

    Nylon Rod Ends:
    M4 Straight (18.5mm) 5pcs
    M3 Straight (18.5mm) 5pcs
    Steel Pivot Balls (5.8x3x7.4mm) 5pcs

    Nylon Spacers:
    M3x7x1mm 5pcs
    M3x7x2mm 5pcs
    M3x7x3mm 5pcs
    M3x7x4mm 5pcs
    M3x7x5mm 5pcs

    M3x7x0.5mm 5pcs

    Wheel pin 2x10mm 10pcs

    Set Screw Pins:
    M4x2.5mm 5pcs (fits most driveshafts)
    M3x2.5mm 5pcs (fits most driveshafts)

    Body Clips:
    Small-ring 45 Degree Angled Body Clips 5pcs

    Tool Box:
    140x75x27mm 1pc