Fusion NX86 AC/DC NiMH Charger


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The Fusion NX86 AC/DC Delta Peak Fast Charger is idealy suited for charging a complete range of NiMH batteries from either mains or 12V DC inputs and comes complete with a selection of charge leads.


  • Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Batteries: 4~8 Cells
  • Charge Rates Selectable: 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3.5A & 5A
  • Charge Status: LED
  • Inputs: 110~240V AC or 12V DC (cigarette lighter adaptor included)
  • Leads included: Tamiya/Molex Charge Lead, TRX Charge Lead, T Type Charge Lead, Rx Charge Lead
  • Outputs: 4mm Sprint Clip Connection
  • Charge Termination: Delta Peak


The previous version of this charger was reviewed in May 2011 RCMW. Please click here to read the review.