Defender D110 Extended Chassis & Bumpers Version 2 for TRC Station Wagon & Truck Body


Designed to fit the Team Raffee Defender 110 Station Wagon Or Pick Up Truck Body To The RC4WD Chassis


  • This is  version 2 of Team Raffee Co.'s extended chassis rails. Made of aluminum and has leaf-spring option and added side panel.

    Length: 525mm
    Width: 192mm
    Inner Chassis: 72mm
    Outer Chassis: 86mm
  • Product weight: 470.00 grams
  • Factory description: Miscellaneous All Defender D110 Extended Chassis Set for Station Wagon & Pickup Truck Body V2 by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.
  • Manufacturer number: BRQ90320