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JT4  – 1/10 – 4×4 RTR

Scale Rock Crawler

Color Available: Green / White

The JT4 model originated in the 1950s. It has a very powerful off-road vehicle chassis. The non-load-bearing body structure has evolved many important vehicles in different fields. It can be easily controlled whether it is military or civilian, long-distance rally, and off-road travel.

EMO JT4 features a front engine (motor), door bridge, two-speed, and differential lock.

The chassis is full of materials to meet a variety of different gameplays. A climbing car with a seemingly unpleasant speed is a step-by-step amplification of the motor torque through multi-stage gears, so that the control can be more linear and easier to climb obstacles, so the gear strength Very important, crossrc uses a large number of powder metallurgy teeth made of high-carbon steel raw materials to match with integrated cutting gears. The first-stage deceleration adopts imported nylon material injection-molded large teeth, and has added a limited slip mechanism. The vehicle transmission is both rigid and flexible, and the running noise is also well controlled.

In order to cope with various harsh environments, ABEC3 level (competitive RC off-road vehicle use level) rubber seal cap bearings are selected as standard for all vehicle bearings. Under normal climbing off-road scenes, the bearings are basically maintenance-free.

The shock absorber is an important assembly that affects the attitude and support strength of a climbing car. The cylinder body of the EMO JT4 shock absorber is made of high-quality aluminum alloy CNC processing. The spring adopts a double-pitch integrated spring. Supporting force. After repeated tests in different venues, in line with the front-to-rear weight ratio of the JT4 model, the front spring is 1.1×2.87~4.42lbs (with white dots); the rear spring is 0.9×1.32~2.65lbs; the original car is selected as the damping oil The standard 15W 375CST is suitable for the original vehicle powered mountain climbing and outdoor climbing. If you need to cross at high speed or climb the site, you need to change the damping oil mark appropriately.


The JT4 chassis uses a more simulated Panhard-style multi-link connection with the bridge body, and the steering steering gear is installed at the beam to further simulate the position of the steering gear of the car and better hide the steering gear. In order to improve the climbing performance and the reliability of the tie rod, JT4 uses a stainless steel integrated cutting tie rod, which is directly connected to the ball buckle, eliminating the need for gaskets and screws to install, and at the same time reasonably achieves the effect of lowering the center of gravity of the chassis.

In order to improve the grip performance during climbing, the inner and outer tires of EMO JT4 are made of specially formulated professional materials to achieve the softest level under the premise of ensuring support. At the same time, the RTR and KIT versions are equipped with metal tire wheels as standard. Have both a sense of simulation and texture.

EMO JT4 can also be upgraded and modified according to different gameplay requirements. The following is an introduction to the upgrade parts, which are not included in the kit.


  • Original 1950s Styling
  • Realistic Portal Style Axles
  • Remote Locking Diffs
  • ABEC3 Rubber Sealed Bearings
  • Scale Aluminum Shocks
  • Metal Wheels

Kit only comes with motor and steel bead lock wheels.

Body includes widow masks, stickers, chrome accessories and rubberised mirrors and wipers.

Required to complete.

Radio transmitter and receiver

Speed controller

Servos 1 x high torque standard size servo. 2 x Mini Servos(Included)

Battery and charger

Tools and paint