BRX01 Flat Bed Tray w/ Two Half Canopies VER 2 for BRX01

£119.95 £129.95

  • This is a Team Raffee Co. Flat Bed Tray with Two Half Canopies for the Boom Racing BRX01 used with the Killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 body.

    • Made from strong ABS styrene­ sheets
    • Pre-built, one-piece flat bed tray with two half canopies
    • Uses the rear body hinge for quick access to the chassis compartment
    • Working doors with metal hinges for durability
    • Storage space inside all four half canopies
    • Direct fit to stock Boom Racing BRX01 with LC70 body (no modifications needed)

    Version 2 New Features:
    • The scale is fine-tuned, and the details are upgraded with photosensitive resin printing
    • The two cabinets are independent and detachable and can be used as a flat plate, and the flat plate adds step details.
    • Reinforcing ribs are added to the door panel to increase the strength.
    • The rear drawer can be opened.
    • The structure is optimized, and the bonding traces are reduced compared with the previous ones.

    • Flat bed tray with two half canopies
    • 3D Printed Mount for Flatbed tray and Killerbody LC70 Body (fits BRX01 w/ LC70 body)
    • Light buckets
    • Light lenses (unpainted)

    • Size: 245 x 206 x 150mm (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 795g