Compact 3:1 Gear Reduction Unit for 540 Motor (1)


  • Description:
    Move at 1/3rd the speed but with triple the torque with this Compact 3:1 Gear Reduction Unit for 540 motor from Team Raffee Co.

    This unit is designed for use with any R/C vehicle, boat, plane or robot equipped with a 540 motor, and will fit as long as there is space for the dimensions of the unit (22mm extra length added to the motor).

    With steel internal gears, this GRU is ideal for crawlers or any other application that requires high torque in a tradeoff for speed.

    Includes steel pinion gear. Due to the added length, longer motor mounting screws may be required. Please note that this product is designed for regular 540 brushed motors and may have limited lifespan when attached to high power brushless motors.

    3:1 gear reduction ratio
    Length: 22mm (motor shaft not included)
    Diameter: 36mm
    Output Shaft diameter: 3.175mm
    Output Shaft length:15mm