Boom Racing Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 Hard Body Kit for BRX02 109

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  • This is the officially licensed Boom Racing Land Rover® Series III 109 Pickup 1/10 body kit for

    Commonly referred to as Series Land Rovers, it is arguably one of the world’s most iconic vehicles ever made. Produced from 1971 to 1985, the Land Rover Series III is unshowy, unpretentious, and classless; it is the car that you can arrive with at the Buckingham Palace, a rural farm, or an inner-city estate.

    The Series Land Rover survived decades largely unchanged, serving farmers and foresters, construction and utility companies, explorers and scientists, armies and airforces – in fact, everyone who needed a good, honest vehicle that would do a good, honest job anywhere in the world. It was a beacon of safety and security too. It was favored by the military, the police, the fire service, NGOs, the UN, the Royal Palace, the Special Forces, and explorers alike. This iconic workhorse discovered new regions, won wars, and saved lives.

    Regress to a simpler, classier time, and experience the ageless charm of this iconic vehicle. We’ve carefully studied the vehicle extensively and spent over a year designing and producing this scaled-down model kit. After years of waiting for such a model, the Boom Racing Land Rover Series III 109 radio control car kit has finally arrived.

    The Land Rover body

    Our interest and passion in Land Rover began many years ago. We meticulously studied the original designs of this classic iconic Series III off-road vehicle; our designs were inspected for accuracy and approved by Land Rover in multiple stages.

    This is a full hard body molded with mostly ABS plastics. We constructed the body using the same design concept as how they were built in the factories back in the day; using multiple body panels to build the complete body.

    You have the option to build both the hardtop and the convertible. We leave this for you to decide. The parts to build either style are all included. The realistic hinged windscreen is robust and can be folded down just like its 1:1 counterpart. The bulkhead vent flaps can flip open and stay in place when the cabin gets too hot ;) The hood, doors, and tailgate are all hinged and can open and shut. The engine air intake has both right and left openings; you can choose to build a diesel or gasoline engine Series III by picking the wing panel with the intake.

    The body includes a fully molded ABS plastic interior with a dash, floor panel, adjustable seats for different figure sizes, gear stick, hi/low stick, 2WD/4WD stick, handbrake, pedals, clear windows, wipers, door handles.

    Rubber side mirrors are provided for durability and can be mounted in two different positions; you can choose the mirror position by the model year of the truck. The mirror plates and light buckets are molded chrome plastics.

    The body includes a stainless steel front radiator wire grill and an engine air intake wire mesh.

    It comes with complete LED light buckets (ready for 13 LEDs); two main headlights, two front side lights, two front amber signal lights, two rear stop lights, two rear amber signal lights, one reverse light, one rear fog light, and one license plate light. An optional KUDU™ LED light kit and dash light kit will be available.

    A key with the classic Land Rover emblem is included for the door opening.

    The body includes complete scale screws (tools included), a decal sheet, and an instruction manual.

    • Length: 538mm / 21.18"
    • Width: 195mm / 7.68"
    • Height: 167mm / 6.57"
    • Wheelbase: 334mm / 13.15"

    • Officially licensed by Jaguar Land Rover
    • Approved by Jaguar Land Rover for quality and scale accuracy
    • Fully molded ABS hard body construction
    • Extremely detailed body lines and realistic proportions
    • The body is constructed like the 1:1 truck using multiple scaled-down panels
    • Your choice of hardtop and convertible, both included


  • BRX02 109
  • BRX02 Link or BRX02 Leaf (requires steering servo mount #BRX020108, ESC mounting plate #BRX020106, and optional BRX80 conversion kit #BRLC7206 for tuck-in look)