Boom Racing KUDU™ LED Light Module System for BRX02 D110 4x4 / 6x6 for BRX02


  • This is a complete LED light system for the Boom Racing BRX02 Link / Leaf with D110 body (4x4) and D110 6x6. This set includes a main LED light unit, a sub unit, a main connecting cable connecting the main and sub units, a set switch cable, a battery cable (2s), a buzzer (for reverse and low voltage detection), nine LED light cables, four 20cm extension cables (for 6x6) and a user manual.

    The module has a default setting already installed. This is a highly adjustable LED light system. Different lighting options can be accessed through the setup mode.

    • Low-voltage detection capability
    • Includes one high-voltage module plug rated 7.4v-12.6v (e.g. for roof light)
    • Six high-power light plugs (up to 16 LEDs each) with power settings
    • Blinkers can be turned on and off, or use a toggle switch to operate
    • Brake light includes standard, drag, and crawler modes
    • Blinker and Hazard mode settings with flash rate options
    • Reverse beeper included
    • Ten flash mode toggle switch options
    • Auto hazard start time setting
    • Channel 2 and 4 polarity setup

    Included LED Lights:
    • 2x Left & Right - 3mm Yellow (2x parallel)
    • 2x Left & Right - 3mm Yellow (1x parallel)
    • 1x Front 1 - 5mm Cool White (2x parallel)
    • 1x Front 2 - 3mm Cool White (2x parallel)
    • 1x Reverse - 3mm Cool White (2x parallel)
    • 1x Brake - 3mm Red (2x parallel)
    • 1x Fog - 5mm Red (4x parallel)

    • Input Voltage: 5-7.4V (powered by BEC)
    • Battery Type for Low Voltage Detection: LiPo 2S (user define max 12.6V)
    • Size (LxWxH):
      • Main Unit: 45x41.3x11.7mm
      • Sub Unit: 24.5x18.5x12mm
    • Weight:
      • Main Unit: 14g
      • Sub Unit: 10g

    • BRX02 Link w/ D110 body
    • BRX02 Leaf w/ D110 body
    • BRX02 6x6 w/ D110 6x6 body
  • Package total weight: 78.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Factory description: Boom Racing BRX02 KUDU™ LED Light Module System for BRX02 D110 4x4 / 6x6
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing
  • Manufacturer number: BRTLB002