Boom Racing KUDU™ Heavy Duty Rust-Resistant M3 Nylon Rod Ends 20.00mm (Upwards) w/ SST Pivot Ball (5.8x3x7.4mm) (10) Black


  • This is a set of Boom Racing KUDU™ Nylon Rod Ends with Machined Stainless Steel Rust-Resistant Hollow Pivot Ball (10pcs).

    The Boom Racing KUDU™ rod ends are made with durable quality and long-lasting nylon plastic. Paired with rust-resistant stainless steel pivot balls. They are smooth and ready to be put to abuse with plenty of unrestricted rotation at the pivot ball joint.

    The Boom Racing rod ends are molded with precision - giving your shocks/links the best fit while having the elasticity to take the abuse in extreme bashing.

    • Heavy-duty long-lasting durable nylon material
    • Smooth pivot ball rotation
    • Large pivot ball rotation angle
    • Molded M4 nut makes it easy to wrench and line up for fast tuning
    • Stainless steel hollow pivot balls that are rust-resistant, perfect for playing in the water

    • Rod End Length: 20.0mm
    • Rod End Shape: Upwards
    • Pivot Ball Material: Stainless Steel
    • Pivot Ball Size: 5.8x3x7.4mm
    • Fits M3 rods
    • Use M3 bolts

    • 10x Heavy-Duty Rust-Resistant M3 Nylon Rod Ends 20.0mm (Upwards)
    • 10x Stainless Steel Hollow Pivot Balls
  • Color: Black