Boom Racing BRX80 Conversion Kit for BRX01 & BRX70/BRX90 PHAT™ Axle


  • This is a Conversion Kit for the BRX70 or BRX90 axles to BRX80 axles.

    This conversion kit is for you if you have the BRX70 axles but want wider widths, or have the BRX90 axles but want a narrower track.

    Width Comparision:
    • BRX70
      • Front: 148.8mm
      • Rear: 145.8mm
    • BRX80
      • Front: 162mm
      • Rear: 162mm
    • BRX90
      • Front: 176.9mm
      • Rear: 175.9mm

    The Conversion Kit includes a pair of CNC aluminum C-Hubs and Lockouts, Front Universal Driveshafts, and Rear Drive Shafts, Stainless Steel Tie Rod Steering Link and full rubber-sealed ball bearings.

    Please download the Installation Manual for detailed instructions.

    CNC machining upgrades are manufactured from billet materials.

    All hardware is included.

    • 2x Aluminum C-Hub #BRD8011
    • 2x Aluminum Lock Out #BRD8012
    • 2x BADASS HD Universal Drive Shaft for BRX90 Axle #BRBD8001
    • 2x BADASS HD Rear Shaft for BRX90 Axle #BRBD8002
    • 1x Steering Link #BRD8022A
    • 2x D5x9x3 Bearing #BBZMR952RS
    • 2x D5x11x4 Bearing BBZMR115RS
    • 2x D4x10x4 Bearing #BBZMR1052RS
    • 2x Straight Rod End #BRW750306A
    • 2x Stainless Steel Pivot Ball #BRW750300
    • 4x M3x16 RS Screw #BRASBH3016
    • 2x M3x12 RS Screw #BRASBH3012
    • 4x M3x14 RS Screw #BRASBH3014
    • 2x M4x16 SS Screw #BRASSPD427/N
    • 2x D4x7x2 Spacer #BRASSPD427/N
    • 2x O-Ring #BRSORD6-15