Boom Racing Aluminum Knuckle Arm (Low Profile) for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 PHAT™ & AR44 Knuckle (2) for BRX01


  • This is a pair of low-profile CNC aluminum knuckle lever arm. Can be fitted to either the front or rear part of the knuckles.

    They are used to connect the steering link and are used with Boom Racing BRLC7002/CA or BRLC7002 knuckles.

    It is usually mounted behind the axle as it gives better front clearance. Use this to set up the steering link behind the axle (to clear the two BRX01 front chassis links).

    • BRX01
    • BRX02 Link
    • BRX70 axle
    • BRX80 axle
    • BRX90 axle
    • AR44 axle (must use with BRLC7002 or BRLC7002/CA knuckles)
    • Aluminum Knuckle for BRX70 / BRX80 / BRX90 / AR44 Axle BRLC7002
    • Cast Metal Knuckle for BRX70 / BRX80 / BRX90 / AR44 Axle (2) BRLC7002/CA
    • 1x Left Arm Lever
    • 1x Right Arm Lever
    • 12.9 grade hardware for installation