313mm LWB Conversion Kit With High Clearance Skid for Trail Finder 2 TF2


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  • What is it?

    This kit lets you convert your RC4WD TF2 standard or short wheelbase to a 313mm wheelbase to fit many longer hard bodies available. If you are thinking of running a 313mm-ish body, this chassis will be the perfect one.

    The chassis is designed to fit bodies with 313mm wheelbase. It is especially designed to fit pickup bodies with a flat bed like the Killerbody LC70 and RC4WD Hilux 4-door. It comes with a high-clearance aluminum skid plate with 7mm additional clearance from the ground, which helps you slide over rocks better. It will fit multiple hard bodies listed below.

    What’s included?

    • Left and right aluminum frame rails
    • High-clearance aluminum skid plate
    • Bearing carrier (5mm X 11mm X 4mm)
    • Bearing is included (5mm X 11mm X 4mm) 
    • Steel shaft extender
    • Rear aluminum shock tower
    • Pin set screw for shaft extender
    • 4x M3x10 round head socket cap screw
    • 2x M3x8 flat head screw
    • 5x M3x11 round head socket cap screw

    How is it used?

    By replacing the parts in the stock TF2 kit with the parts included in this conversion kit you will convert your TF2 into a 313mm wheelbase chassis (TF2 LWB). This opens up a whole new world of bodies that are 313mm for your TF2, other than the standard Hilux or Jeep bodies.

    What is needed to complete it?

    The easiest way to turn this conversion kit into a fully working truck is by taking a standard TF2 or short wheelbase TF2 and using its parts to complete the kit. You will replace the stock frame rails, skid plate and rear shock tower. In addition, you will use the supplied new bearing carrier and shaft extender. You can of course start with just the conversion kit and then add either stock or optional parts to create your own personal “ultimate build”.

    How is it different?

    The Boom Racing TF2 Long Wheelbase Conversion kit is different in that it allows you to keep using your stock TF2 gears, whether it be the single speed or the two speed, standard or short wheelbase version.

    • With this kit you can use pickup bodies that have deeper beds such as the Killerbody Toyota LC70 or any other pickup with a drop bed kit. This is done by including a newly designed rear shock tower and by relocating the stock radio box so that they don’t protrude above the frame rails. This allows the bed to sit directly on the frame rails giving you much more room in the bed while not creating a ridiculous body ride height. The stock radio box is also retained giving you the ability to more easily waterproof your electronics.
    • The included skid plate sits higher in the chassis increasing the center ground clearance by 7mm. It also has a sleeker design that reduces the chances of it hanging up on rocks.
    • The included bearing carrier uses a larger and more standard sized bearing than other similar kits giving you longer life and easier replacement.

    What bodies can it be used with?

    The Boom Racing TF2 Long Wheelbase Conversion kit can be used with any body that requires a 313mm wheelbase such as:

    • Team Raffee Cherokee (#TRC/302206)
    • Team Raffee LC80 Toyota Land Cruiser (#TRC/302243)
    • Killerbody Toyota LC70 (#KB/48601)
    • Tamiya Toyota Tundra
    • RC4WD Hilux Mojave II 4 door
    • And future ones…


    The high-clearance aluminum skid plate can be used in any TF2 and Gelande II. They can be used on the Defender D90 and D110 rigs currently on the market, including the Boom Racing D90 / D110 chassis.

    The TF2 sliders can be reused. We’ve machined the exact same holes on the TF2 and TF2 LWB so that parts from the RC4WD platform are compatible.

    This upgrade kit is designed by RC Culture and manufactured by Boom Racing, all rights reserved.
  • Color: Black
  • Product weight: 219.00 grams