Martyn Morgans Stunning UC 6 Posted on 19 Dec 21:42

Hi everyone, I have been sent some stunning pictures from my friend Martyn Morgan, who has built an amazing example of the Cross RC UC 6 Ural truck kit, This truck is featured in Jan/Feb edition of Truck Model World and is based on a civilian version operated by Sovtransavto i believe out of Poland.
I was taken aback by the detail on this model and im sure that padlock key is kicking around on the floor of the cab somewhere lol. Anyway enjoy the pictures guys and soon to follow will be part 2 of the review in Truck Model World Mar/Apr edition of an equally stunning GC 4 model by the same builder Martyn Morgan and his dad Michael who absolutely loves this hobby. One of the things that really turned my crank with this one is the use of MC series wheels machined to accept the Ural centre hubs !! nice touch. Thanks for the pictures.

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