In stock now ! Universal Link Kits. Posted on 9 Feb 07:48

We have these link kits in stock, they include everything you need to convert your wheelbase to pretty much any requirement.

 They include the following

This is a DIY complete set of aluminum 7mm links for crawlers.

You can custom build aluminum links using this set. There are enough material to build virtually any 1/10 sized crawler.

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DIY Link Set w/ Rod Ends (M4 All Thread) for Crawlers 5pcs – Greens Models

5x Aluminum outer rods 240mm X 7mm 
5x All Thread inner rods 250mm X 4mm
18x M4 Nylon (Straight) Rod Ends (18.5mm)
2x M4 Nylon (Upwards) Rod Ends (20.00mm)
20x Steel Pivot Ball (5.8x3x7.4mm) 

All you need is carefully figure out how long your links are, then cut them up to the specific sizes.

You can build front upper links,  front lower links, rear upper links, rear lower links, steering tie rod and drag link.

They are bendable and can be made into high clearance links by bending the aluminum rods on a vice.

The offset rod ends are intended for the steering tie rod link to clear the diff cover.

This complete DIY kit has approximately 1500mm total build length.