XRMod Rear PHAT™ Axle w/ BADASS HD Steel Shafts Black for Axial SCX10


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  • Updated on 6/26/2018: BADASS HD Steel XRMOD shafts. A running change updated from previous stainless steel rear shafts.

    Ready-To-Go, bolt-on package with no modifications needed. Most affordable way to get this steering and all these other options in one.

    Get over 45 degree steering with our PHAT Axles.

    Hole to hole: 207mm
    Total width: 235mm
    23mm longer than stock total length.

    BADASS HD Steel Rear Drive Shafts
    XRMOD PHAT Axle Housing heavy cast metal

    You will need:
    Stock Wraith Knuckles and C-Hubs
    Stock Bevel Gears & Input Shaft

    1. What is it?

    One of the weaknesses of the stock SCX10 is its limited steering ability. This XRMOD upgrade increases steering angle dramatically to over 45 degrees. This upgrade maximizes steering angle to increase steering radius. The PHAT axle is one of the heaviest axles available on the market. It keeps the rig down when maneuvering and climbing. Add weight at the lowest point of your rig with no additional stress on the drivetrain. Also, adding weight to the front of your rig helps on climbing. Axle shafts are BADASS HD steel universals, Boom Racing's proprietary heavy duty steel. The 4mm stainless steel steering links are top of the line in the market, adding scale realism and toughness to the front of your rig.

    2. Why might I need to consider buying XRMOD compared to a housing or complete axle?

    The main advantage is steering ability. This give you a ton of steering ability and is heavy. The XRMod means Axial's XR10 universal shafts, using Wraith Knuckles and C-Hubs, with SCX10 housings. This is a way to improve steering. We've saved you the work of machining and finding custom parts to make your own XRMod axle by providing the entire set all-inclusive. Spare parts are also readily available.

    3. Which Rigs work with this?

    It works with SCX10 and you can build any custom rig with it. You must use Wraith Knuckles and Chubs (Axial #AX80062) instead of the SCX10 Knuckles and Chubs. That’s all. It can be stock or after market. Everything else you have for the SCX10 can use reused on this upgrade. It uses the stock SCX10 bevel gears, spool, locker and input shafts. Boom Racing manufactures the Wraith Knuckles and Chubs as an option upgrade, which you can use as well.

    4.What parts that Asiatees carry fit on this?

    AsiaTees has stock Axial Wraith knuckles and chubs, and upgraded aluminum Axial knuckles and chubs too. AsiaTees has carries other brands of knuckles and chubs.

    5.What's the benefits and how does the rig handle when I use this?

    The axle has a functioning diff cover, which is more realistic than more. You can easily access the gears inside to add grease. The axle is also designed to slide over any rocks easily. Good luck breaking these axles – they are made to withstand the toughest environments.

    6. Any spare parts I can buy if I break something?

    All parts will be separately available. The BADASS HD steel drive shafts are stock XR10 drive shaft shortened. The 4mm stainless steel steering links are available separately also.

    Ready-To-Go, bolt-on package with no modifications needed. Most affordable way to get this steering and all these other options in one.

  • Color: Black
  • Product total weight: 280.00 grams