Universal Receiver Box Set w/ Silicone Seals


  • This is a universal watertight plastic receiver box with silicone seals. Brass inserts are molded inside the receive box so you can torque the screws down securely without damage.

    Includes a rust-resistant stainless steel sealing plate for an airtight seal.

    Silicone port and seal can be separately replaced.

    1x Plastic Composite Receiver Box
    1x Plastic Composite Lid
    1x Stainless Steel Plate
    1x Silicone Seal
    1x Silicone Port
    2x M2.5x6 RS hardware
    4x M3x8 RS hardware

    Boom Racing BRX01
    Boom Racing D90
    Boom Racing D110

    Length: 55.6mm (inside) / 60mm (outside)
    Width: 40mm (inside) / 46mm (outside)
    Height: 30mm (outer)
    See hole-to-hole measurements via picture.

    Spare Part:
    Silicone Port and Silicone Seal BRLC7033A

    Tips to waterproof electronics:

    Apply a generous amount of grease or liquid tape into and around the two silicone sealings to create an airtight seal.