Robitronic Speedstar Brushless Speedo 8.5


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Superb High Quality, Extremely High Spec Esc From Austria

3 Amp Bec

"Update" for the well known Speedstar Series! The new range is for all kinds of 1:10 Motors!


Full proportional speedo with forward, brake and reverse
Handles Brushed, Brushless, Sensored and Sensorless motors
Very smooth throttle response
Reverse Lockout for Racing
LiPo, LiFe, NiMH and NiCd battery compatible
Selectable Start Current and Current Limit function
Adjustable power curves and motor timing
Adjustable multi brake system

Case Size 40x41x28,7mm
Weight without wires 43 g
Input Power NiCd & NiMH: 4-8cells, LiPo & LiFe: 2-3s
On-Resistance Brushless/Brushed    0,005 Ohm /Phase
Rated Current Brushless/Brushed    260A/Phase
On-Resistance Brushed Fwd/Brake    0,0008 Ohm
Rated Current Brushed Fwd/Brake    780A
B.E.C. Volts/Amps 5,0V/3,0A
Motor Turns Limit 8,5 Turns Brushless/7 Turns Brushed

Selection Speed Controller
Category Brushless speedo
Propulsion Technique Brushless
Scale 1/10
Cells max. 3S / 8 NMH
Voltage max. 9,6V
Load Capacity max. 260A
Construction Sensored
Dimension 40mm x 41mm x 28,7mm (L x W x H)
Weight 43g
Content 1 pcs.
Suitable for: NiMH|LiPo
BEC Voltage 5,0V / 3A