RC4WD Scale Steel Punisher Shaft (100mm - 130mm) 5mm Black


Scale Steel Punisher Shaft (100mm - 130mm / 3.94" - 5.12") 5mm


Smaller in diameter, Heavy Duty Steel Material and now available in black!


    • Smooth internal Spline
    • Heavyduty Uni-Joint
    • Scale 11mm mainshaft diameter
    • Shaft travel: compact 100mm, fully extended 130mm (30mm total travel)
    • Industrial Grade Steel
    • Made to fit 5mm Output Shaft


    What's Included:

    • 1x Scale Steel Punisher Shaft (100mm - 130mm / 3.94" - 5.12") 5mm


    • This Fits Trail Finder 2 Z-K0042 "Disc" (Front and Rear)
    • Fits Trail Finder 2 Truck Kit w/Mojave II Body Set (Z-K0049)
    • Fits Honcho front only
    • Please make sure to use a medium Threadlock on the set Screws.
    • Fits Gmade Sawback (Front/Rear)

    This will direct fit the Axial Honcho and replace the stock plastic front and rear driveshafts.

    To find out which Punisher Shaft fit which truck, click here to see a comparison chart.