PYTHON™ BLACK BR-45WP HV Waterproof 45kg/0.11s @8.4v Axle Mounted Servo w/ Low Profile Horn


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  • Introducing the new Boom Racing PYTHON BLACK Compact Axle Mounted Servo. We challenged the status quo, re engineering the R/C servo that was designed over 30 years ago.

    Strong, stealthy and compact. This is a servo designed specifically for RC crawlers.

    • High Voltage Up To 8.4V
    • Torque: 45KG/625oz @8.4V
    • Torque: 37KG/514oz @6.0V
    • Speed: 0.11s @8.4V
    • Speed: 0.13s @6.0V
    • Weight: 79grams
    • IP67 Fully Waterproof
    • Gear Set: Steel Metal Gears
    • Full Ball Bearings
    • Spline: 25T

    • Length: 40.4mm
    • Width:
      • 29.4mm (with mount)
      • 20.4 (without mount)
    • Height:
      • 42.3mm (servo output)
      • 38.4mm (servo case)

    This servo fits the following cars/axles with our optional adapter:
    • Axial SCX10 stock axle (adapter #BR233040)
    • Axial SCX10 II stock axle (adapter #BR955030)
    • Axial Wraith stock Front axle (adapter #BR247058BK)
    • MST CMX/CFX (adapter #BR955031)
    • MST CFX-W (adapter #BR955032)
    • Element Enduro (direct fit, no adapter needed)
    • Boom Racing SCX10 PHAT / XRMod axle (adapter #BR233040)
    • Boom Racing AR44 PHAT axle (adapter #BR233040)
    • Boom Racing AR60 Aluminum Front axle (adapter #BR247058BK)
    • Boom Racing BRX01 (direct fit, no adapter needed)
    • Boom Racing BRX70/BRX90 PHAT axles (direct fit, no adapter needed)
    • Boom Racing #BR955026BK AR44 Servo Mount (previously released, works with this servo)

    • 1x PYTHON™ BLACK servo
    • 1x Aluminum Servo Spacer
    • 1x PYTHON™ BLACK Low Profile Long Aluminum Servo Horn (25T)
    • 1x PYTHON™ BLACK Low Profile Short Aluminum Servo Horn (25T)
    • High-grade screws
    • Hardware
  • Color: Black