MST MSA Front & Rear Narrow Axle Set for CFX CMX LC70 for MST 1/10 CFX


Perfect axle set for more scale subjects like the Killer Body LC70 Hard body.

These allow a narrower track for a more scale look and keeps the wheels within the arches.

Very nice axles indeed!!!!



  • MST CMX/CFX MSA 1/10 complete front and rear axle.

    Specs: Width are hole to hole 157mm, total 185mm.

    Includes: 2x bevel gears and input shafts, front and rear driveshafts, servo horns, steering links, C-hub, knuckles, lockouts, servo plate, link mounts and hardware.

    Great for scale builds like the Killerbody LC70 where you need the extra narrow width.

    Installed picture for ref only