Micro Model Diesel Sound Unit Kit for RC Crawler


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  • Small footprint, easy to install diesel sound system that can be used for micro sized crawler to 1/10 scale crawlers. Its got realistic sounds for engine start, idle, throttle, full throttle and reverse.

    The volume is not adjustable. To generate a louder volume, you can DIY a amplifier system with cardboard cutouts to amplify the sound. The volume is loud enough for trailing, is not loud enough to disturb your neighbours or annoy them away.

    • Dimensions?24mm×12mm×3.3mm
    • Size 1/10 to 1/32 crawlers
    • Operating Voltage?3V-5V
    • Output resistance?8-32 ohms
    • Sound cannot be changed without a program card
    • Speaker can be changed for up to 50mm dia for increased volume