LaserFoam 1.9 R112x40 WP magic (2)


Precisely cut tire inserts 1.9 for 1:10 scalers and crawlers with 28 points.
Especially suitable for Traxxas TRX-4 Canyon Trail tires.

    WP magic version for vehicles from approx. 4.5 kg total weight
    Waterproof tire insert
    Retraction of the LaserFoam required
    Outside diameter (prong end): 112 mm
    Inner diameter: 50 mm
    Width: 40mm
    Weight: 7g / pc

This LaserFoam WP magic sets completely new standards in driving performance for crawlers and scalers of heavy vehicles. The jagged property, which has been proven for years, in conjunction with a very solid water-repellent material, provides completely new driving pleasure for crawlers and scalers from a total vehicle weight of approx. 4.5 kg.

This tire insert actually has to be "run in" first in order to develop the perfect performance in the tire. Rough guide: approx. 25 hours.

The material hugs the tires ride after ride. The direct connection of the tire with the spikes results in a unit without slipping, internal twisting or pulling of the tire (walking), the elementary basis for safe vehicle control in every driving situation. The strength of the WP magic enables enormous lateral stability.

The material can be perfectly adapted to specific widths by cutting or milling. It is also easy to adjust the inner "hole" with a milling cutter or knife individually to the respective rim. Thus every model maker can adapt the WP magic to "his rim" and his tire with simple means.

LaserFoams are precisely cut tire inserts made of durable foam. They give the 1.9 tire significantly more lateral stability and still remain soft and grippy on the tread. The material and shape of the cut ensure that the tire only flexes in the immediate tread area, which ensures the best driving characteristics and a scaled look.

These LaserFoams are completely water-repellent.

Scope of delivery: 1 set = 2 pieces