Kronik™ SWB Short Wheel Base Conversion Kit 252mm Wheelbase (SCX10 SCX10 2 Compatible)


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  • Want to build your own scale crawler from scratch? We made it easy for you! Now you can build your own custom rig with our Kronik Short Wheel Base 252mm Chassis.

    If you want to build yourself a short wheelbase SCX10 or start a scratch project build, this KRONIK™ Short Wheelbase Chassis Conversion Kit from Boom Racing is the way to go.

    This Kronik™ Short Wheelbase Chassis Conversion Kit has everything you need to convert your normal SCX10 to a shorter wheelbase for an entirely different scale look.

    If you are building a custom rig, you can build yourself a complete rig with this chassis with additional items such as their axles, gear box, shocks, receiver box and a few other bits and pieces.

    The same wheelbase as a CC01 making it compatible with a lot of cool short wheelbase body shells out there on the market.

    This is how:
    1. You choose your own axle housings (with gears, axle shafts and steering links), use a SCX10 transmission (with gears), SCX10 cross members and SCX10 shock towers.
    2. Choose your own shocks, wheels and tires, bumper, battery plate and servo mount.

    Boom! You just built your own very capable crawler rig from scratch.

    The wheelbase is 252mm, which will fit most of the shorter bodies including the Tamiya YJ hard body and CC01 bodies.

    In the kit you will get:  
    Two-piece adjustable steel rail  x  1 pair
    Aluminum skid plate  x  1 pc
    Aluminum adjustable sliders  x  1 pair
    Aluminum sliders mount  x  1 pair
    Threaded Aluminum rod Pipe rod 5.0 x 50mm  x  4 pcs
    Threaded Aluminum rod Pipe rod 5.0 x 55mm  x  4 pcs
    Heavy Duty Silicon Bushing Ball Ends  x  16 pcs
    Voodoo steel HD scale driveshaft’s 89mm - 102mm  x  1 pair
    PHAT Truss (Front & Rear compareable) - 2pc
    Mounting hardware

    Idea for 1/10 Model with Wheelbase: 252mm
  • Color: Black
  • Package total weight: 468.00 grams (incl. packaging)
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Kronik™ Short Wheel Base Conversion Kronik™ SWB Short Wheelbase Chassis Conversion Kit Black
  • Manufactured by Boom Racing