King Kong RC 1/12 ZL130 4x2 Tractor Truck Chassis Kit w/ Wooden Bed for ZL-130


The cab is made from molded hard plastic and unpainted. Full interior included also made in hard plastic and unpainted. The rear bed is made of wood and is fully independent. Full leaf spring for front and rear. Full metal gears and bearings.


  • This is a 1/12 full metal chassis kit with ABS hard body. Body includes interior. This version includes the wooden bed.

    • Replica of the full-size truck
    • Full metal chassis
    • Functional wooden bed
    • Full leaf spring (front and rear)
    • Realistic suspension movement
    • Compact and strong transmission
    • Includes six wheels and tires

    • Width:
      • Cab: 197mm
      • Bed: 214mm
      • Axle: 155mm
    • Length: 496.75mm
    • Height: 212.6mm

    • Model: ZL-130
    • Scale: 1/12
    • Wheelbase: 285mm
    • Full metal chassis
    • 1/12 ABS hard plastic body with interior
    • Front & rear leaf spring
    • Center skid clearance: 59.69mm
    • Transmission reduction: 1/18.2
    • Final drive ratio: 1/48.4
  • Product total weight: 4510.00 grams