King Kong RC 1/12 CA10 Tractor Truck Kit

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Introducing the new King Kong RC 1/12 CA10 Tractor Truck Kit - the scale replica of the American International KR-11 heavy duty tractor from the 1940s.



The 1:1 CA10 was originally based on the American International KR-11 which was supplied in great numbers to the Soviet Union during WW II. It is a scale replica of the KR-11 and subsequent versions that were designed based on the original KR-11. They were used as tractor trucks and used in construction in the 1940s. It has close resemblance of the Dodge WW II Power wagon. The subsequent CA10 was primarily a military truck and they were also produced into various civilian variants, including ambulance buses, fuel trucks , water tankers , dump trucks, lift trucks, construction vehicles, and fire trucks.

Kit info:
The cab is made from molded hard plastic and unpainted. Full interior included also made in hard plastic and unpainted. The rear bed is made of wood and is fully independent. Full leaf spring for front and rear. Full metal gears and bearings.

Special thanks to Martyn Morgan for allowing us to use pictures of his finished model finished in yellow.


  • Retro realistic tractor & military truck
  • Hard plastic cab body (unpainted)
  • Full hard plastic interior (unpainted)
  • Fully functional rear wood bed with metal hinges
  • Spare tire included
  • Metal construction (except transmission case)


  • 1/12 scale
  • Gear ratio: 1:18.2
  • Wheelbase: 333mm
  • Length x Width x Height: 562mm x 211mm x 214mm
  • 2 Wheel Drive
  • 1.7" aluminum wheels & tires
  • Rear dually wheels
  • Leaf spring front & rear
  • Hard plastic body
  • Wood bed with sides folding down using metal hinges & pins
  • Aluminum chassis rails and from bumper
  • Compact transmission gear box
  • Full metal gears in transmission & rear axle
  • Full ball bearings included


  • King Kong RC 1/12 CA10 Tractor Truck Kit

You will need:

  • Radio
  • Esc
  • Motor
  • Servo
  • Battery