King Kong CA10 Tractor Truck Hard Body Cab w/ Interior Kit


  • This is a tractor truck hard plastic cab body. Plastic made in white colour for easy painting. Doors and hood can open and close. Great for building 4X4, 6x6 and custom projects. Interior includes steering wheel, seat bench, console.

    Cab body
    Full interior
    Inner door panels
    Magnet for the hood
    Clear windows
    Side and rear view mirrors
    All hardware

    1/12 size
  • Product total weight: 1000.00 grams
  • Package size: 27.00x27.00x16.00cm
  • Factory description: King Kong RC King Kong RC CA10 1/12 CA10 ZIS-150 Hard Body Kit Set

Built truck pictures for reference only. This is for the complete front cab set only.