LC70 Killerbody LED Light System w/ Control Box 14 LEDs for Front, Rear, Interior (3mm: 10 LEDs; 5mm: 4 LEDs)


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  • This LED set is for the LC70 body with interior.

    It includes front LED light and rear LED tailight, plus LED for the interior.

    For KB/48601 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser w/ Interior Cockpit Assembled

    1-LED control box ? 1 pcs
    2-Y connecting wire 2 pcs
    3-LED Unit 1 set (Diameter: 3mm)
    -Yellow lights 4 pcs
    -White lights 4 pcs
    -Red lights 2 pcs
    4-LED Unit 1 set (Diameter: 5mm)
    -Yellow lights 2 pcs
    -White lights 2 pcs
    5-Instruction sheet
  • Product total weight: 56.00 grams
  • Factory description: Killerbody LED Unit Set w/Control Box 14 LEDS (3mm: 10 LEDS; 5mm: 4 LEDS) Fit for KB/48601 1/10 Toyota Land Cruiser w/Cockpit Assembled