Gmade GS01 Sawback Sports 4WD 1/10 Rock Crawler Kit

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Designed from the ground up for scale performance and great looks with or without a body, the Sawback does not disappoint. The steel ladder C channel frame forms the ground work for a great rig and a scale finish. The steel has been nickel plated to resist corrosion, and looks great too! Next add a dust proof receiver box that has been molded to look like a real engine cover. The receiver box also provides a spot to mount your ESC to keep your rig looking clean.

Gmade Sawback Sports #GM5300

The Sports version delivers a new level of scale authenticism and includes driver seat, roll bar, steering wheel, gear stick, mirrors, windshield plastic parts and dashboard decals. The windshield can be folded down on the hood just like the real car folding motion. All accessories are made of high strength plastic for durability from physical impacts.

The Sawback Sports also features LED bumper, head and tail lights and a roll bar mounted LEDlight bar for night driving in style (LED lights sold separately).

GS01 Chassis

The GS01 ladder frame is designed to look like the chassis of a real car and is made of high strength steel. The C-channel side rail offers added stability and is bolted with cross members to aid against twisting or warping. The steel parts are also nickel plated for a glossy look and are resistant to corrosion.

Gmade GS01 Chassis

Gmade GS01 Chassis Axles

GS01 Drive Train

The one-piece graphite axle housing is made of high strength plastic for maximum durability and easy maintenance. Inside, both front and rear axles have solid differential gears to provide a stronger driving force in any driving conditions. The gears are protected by a glossy metal cover for added scale realism.


Gmade GS01 Drive Chain

GS01 Suspension

TS-03 Aluminium Shock Absorbers: Internal spring shocks with CNC machined aluminium have been added to help absorb excessive shock action.

Leaf Springs: Using U-bolt technology to hold the axle and leaf securely provides great driving performance for any type of surface or setup.

GS01 Adjustable Battery Plate

The GS01 battery plate is designed to offer the lowest center of gravity to the chassis to enable a stable driving motion. It is also adjustable, allowing different batteries to be used while still being held securely.

Gmade GS01 Adjustable Battery Plate

Gmade Sawback Sports Features:

  • New realistic GS01 chassis with high strength nickel plated steel c-channel side rails
  • Suspension system with leaf springs and TS-03 aluminum shock absorbers
  • One-piece graphite axle housing
  • Solid gear diffs for both front and rear axles
  • Solid gear diff with a metal diff cover
  • Dust proof transmission box
  • Ball bearings in every rolling component
  • Powerful universal shaft
  • Realistic NR01 1.9" beadlock wheels made from high strength plastic
  • Super-soft MT1902 tyre with scale block tread pattern.
  • Adjustable battery plate
  • Realistic seats, steering wheel, shifter, mirror, and foldable windshield

Spec Check:

  • Width: 220mm
  • Height: 270mm
  • Length: 442mm
  • Wheelbase: 287mm
  • Ground Clearance: 64mm
  • Weight: 1.9kg (without electric)

1.9 inch M/T Off-Road Tyre
Gmade MT Tyres

The MT 1902 tyre is made of a super soft compound material providing high traction to any surface. The treaded tyre pattern is suitable for off-roading and is designed with a large diameter that enables it to run smoothly on uneven road surfaces.

Tyre Spec:

  • Tyre Height: 105mm
  • Tyre Width: 38mm
  • Inner Diameter: 48mm

Require for completion: 2.4Ghz radio system, motor, speed controller, servo, 7.2v battery and charger and paint for the clear bodyshell.