GMADE 1/10 GS02 Komodo Double Cab TS Kit

£269.95 £309.95


Komodo double cab body is made of 1.5mm thick high quality lexan and designed in pickup truck platform came out with strong and stylish detail body. Includes a grill, light bucket, side mirror, wiper grill, bumper and roll bars for off-road adventure concepts that add body detail, allowing you to tune the look of a real off-road truck.

Accessory parts are made of high-strength plastic and are extremely strong on impact and includes decals with realistic detail.

Steel Ladder Frame

GS02 frame is designed to look the same as a real car frame and the material of the frame is made of high strength steel, C-channel side rail and is with hex wrench bolted cross members, which make it resistant to twisting and wrapping. All steel parts are black coated finish to prevent rust.

Adjustable Wheelbase

GS02 chassis allows three types of easy adjustment of wheelbase covert kit to use any type of 300, 313 and 324mm custom bodies.
(Optional link kits sold separately).

Front Weight Balalnce

Komodo double cab's weight balalnce designed to be placed on the front of the car. This will increase the tire tracktion to the front wheel to provide bettrr crawling on a high tilt angle rock and better driving performance when hill climbing and this will help minimise the vehicle rolling over when climbing.

Chassis Mounted Servo System With Panhard Bar

Komodo double cab's steering system has a steering servo on the frame just like a 1:1 real car. It is designed to make it as close to the zero bump steer movement does not appear by front wheel suspension movements, so we ended up maximising the steering performance of the vehicle.

In addition, the Panhard-bar is designed to avoid interference with nearby parts, so that the front suspension and shocks can move freely without any loss.

Battery Tray

The battery can be easily replaced and can accomodate up to 7,600mAh 2-cell Lipo batteries or 5,000mAh 3-cell Lipo batteries.

(7,600mAh 2-cell Lipo or 5,000mAh 3-cell LiPo).

Dust Proof Electronics Box

It potects electronic equipments such as winch controllers and BEC, which are often used for scale trucks, from foreign substances.


The drivelines of the front and rear axles are arranged instraight-line to reduce the fatigue stress of the universal shaft and reduce the loss of driving power by providing efficient driving lines.

Torque Twist Reduce Transmission

The TTR transmission is designed to drive in a stable position without pullingh the balalnce of power transmitted to the axle.

The front and rear universal shafts based on the transmitter each rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise, this compensates for the forces acting on the oppositew rotational forces due to the action (torque) and reaction (reverse torque) because of that this vehicle can run in a super stable condition.

Hardened Carbon Steel Universal Joints

The front and rear universal shafts of the steel joints provides a smooth and stable power train. The kit also includes the spare parts that allows you to adjust the length of the universal shaft.

Easy Adjust Motor Mount

You can easily replace and install the motor pinion gear to changing the gear ratio.

GA44 Axle

GA44 axle is designed with the hardcore rockcrawler in mind.

Axles are made of high-strength materials, and it will look and optimum perform off-road as real as 1:1 vehicle when 4-link suspension added.

The GA44 axle housing is a durable one-piece type . The angle of the differential cover is designed to reduce the risk of damage due to frontal impactr and is therefore very suitable for off-road driving.

SD Scaler Shock Absorber

SD Scaler Shock is a coil-over styled oil shock absorber optimised for the scale trucks.

The oil filled inside the shock mimimises splash when the vehicle is driven, and provides a high-durability aluminium shock body with 3.5mm heavy duty shock shafts added, these will help you to drive on rough surfaces.

Beginners can easily assemble this shock and change setups, and the adjustable nut makes it easy to adjust the ride-height so you can quickly change your car set up even when driving conditions change.


  • Width: 230mm
  • Height: 213mm
  • Wheelbase: 313mm
  • Ground Clearance: 73mm
  • Weight (No Electronics): 1.78kg

Please Note: This kit requires the following for completion:

  • RC 2-channel surface frequency radio system
  • Suitable battery
  • Suitable charger
  • Electronic speed control
  • RC electric motor
  • Steering servo
  • Tools
  • Paint for polycarbonate body