Etronix Powerpal 80W AC/DC Performance Charger & Discharger


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The Etronix Powerpal is an exciting, feature packed and competitively priced all-in-one unit. Small and compact with a built in AC power supply, microprocessor controlled high performance charger/discharger/cycler for NiCd/NiMH/Lithium/Pb batteries with an integrated cell voltage balancer.

Dual input power AC/DC, temperature sensor option and integrated Lithium battery balancer.

Charge current up to 6A, discharge current up to 2A, 1 to 6 cells of Lilo/LiPo/LiFe, 1 to 18 cells of NiCd/NiMH, 2 to 24v of Lead-acid (Pb)

Powerpal AC Specifications:

  • Battery Type: 1-6 Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, 1-18 NiCd, NiMH, 1-6 Lead-Acid
  • Charge Rate: 0.1A-6.0A (Max 80W)
  • Discharge Rate: 0.1A-2.0A (Max 10W)
  • Cycle Charge/Discharge: 1-5 Cycles (charge>discharge, discharge>charge)
  • Balancer: Built-in individual voltage balancerfor Lithium batteries 300mAh/cell current drain
  • Fast/Storage Mode: Charge Lithium batteries for special purposes. 'Fast' reduces charge time, while 'Storage' controls final voltage for long time storage
  • Charge Safety: Delta Peak Sensitivity voltage detection (NiCd/NiMH), Auto-Charge current limit useful for small capacity NiMH, Capacity limit charge, Temperature limit charge, Time limit charge
  • Battery Data: 5 model memory


  • Charge leads for Receiver batteries
  • Receiver batteries JST plug
  • Glow connector
  • Deans connector
  • Crocodile Universal clip
  • JSTXH Balance Board