Discovery MST CFX-WS DC1 (w/o Electrics) 313mm Crawler Kit

£329.95 £369.95

PLEASE NOTE!!! This kit is supplied with non bead lock, classic style, black wheels and not the 5 spoke shown in the pictures. There is an image to the left showing the wheel style supplied. This is an MST decision.



  • The brand new CFX-WS chassis is come with the front and rear axle design, which has the great ability in both climbing and reality. The full metal gears on the chassis have good transmission efficiency and durability. The newly designed SA25 axle consults realistic simulation and good performance.

    The chassis is concept from the actual vehicle configuration, with front-mounted motor and rear-mounted battery, for the great climbing performance and body balance ability. The chassis is equipped with brand new DC climbing tires for good grip and exterior.

    SA25 front and rear axles are integrated design for a realistic shape and good strength. It is 25mm wider than the MSA axle, and longer ground clearance, and better traverse ability.

    The threaded aluminum cylinder with the spring retainer can quickly adjust the vehicle height, preload and other settings. It has the longest actuation stroke than other same level shocks in the market. The full shaft travel range is 20mm. When the player faces the sinister terrain, it provides excellent smooth shock absorption.

    The planetary gear design provides the efficient transmission and the characteristics of a high reduction ratio for the power output level stable and powerful. The dual slipper clutch design increases the surface friction also provides a more accurate holding power. The m0.6 pitch spur gear is capable for high torque applications.

    The car is equipped with high-strength metal gears for good transmission efficiency and durability.

    The 1.9” realistic wheel is good in both durability and appearance. The large size as a true crawler tire by the mix-materials has the excellent off-road performance also keep the on-road driving ability. Large blocks design provides excellent bite when the going gets tough!

    The aluminum links have good durability and rigidity. The Four-link suspension system is good for climbing ability.

    The full ball bearing set can reduce the operating resistance and provide better operating efficiency and longer operating time.

    The steel CVA drive shaft is good at smooth transmission and better efficiency.

    • Front and Rear SA25 Axle
    • TC70 Aluminum Shock Set
    • Planetary Gearbox & Dual Slipper Clutch
    • All metal Transmission Gear Set
    • 1.9" Wheel & Realistic Scale Tire
    • Aluminum 4-link suspension
    • Full ball bearings
    • Heavy-duty CVA Shaft
    • Realistic Steel C-Channel Frame
    • Great Steering Angle
    • Gear Ratio : 1:31.7 ~ 1:46.7
    • Tire Width/ Diameter : 30X105mm

    • Length: 527mm
    • Width: 224mm
    • Height: 252mm
    • Wheelbase: 313mm