Cross RC WT4 RC Road Rescue Vehicle RC Wrecker Truck Kit

£619.95 £659.95

Specification:Car Not Included.
Item Condition: New, Unassembled and Unpainted, you need to assemble it and paint it by yourself.
Manufacturer: CROSS
Material: Metal, Plastic
Scale: 1/10
Car Size After Assembled: 778mm*297mm*271mm
Wheelbase: 445mm
Flatbed Length: 520mm
Flatbed Width: 279mm

The Package Includes:
1 Set of 1/10 WT4 Body Parts (Unassembled and Unpainted)
Two-speed Transmission
The Package Doesn’t Include:
Servos- 1 x High torque standard size servo for steering AND 1 x mini servo for gear shift (NOT MICRO)
Remote Controller and Receiver
Tools for Car Assembling

1. The vehicle highly simulates the design of American-style road rescue vehicles, which are mainly used for civil road rescue and racing vehicle transportation.
2. WT4 is RWD and it is driven by a front motor. The power rear axle is equipped with manually-adjusted differential lock, which enables the vehicle to have the ability to run light off-road and also on uneven roads.
3. WT4 rear rescue platform has the function of electric lifting and rear sliding system
4. The car body is made of high-quality ABS material by injection molding, with a simulated engine and cab interior.
5. The chassis is made of all-metal materials, and it is equipped with a two-speed transmission, manually-adjusted differential lock rear axle, simulation lighting and electric rescue platform operating system.
6. The product you receive, will be an unpainted truck kit, you can fully enjoy the fun of assembly and painting. You need to purchase an electronic speed control, a standard steering servo, a 25g medium shift steering servo, and a 6CH+ remote controller and receiver.

If you have any questions or are not sure whether it is the correct item that you want, pls feel free to contact me before purchasing.

* Equipped with an electric lifting and back sliding system
* Equipped with integrated electronic control operating system
* Total Length – 778mm
* Wheelbase – 445mm
* Width – 297mm
* Front motor, rear single-axle, dually rear tires
* ABS plastic body
* Scale engine area
* Scale interior
* Manually adjustable differential lock
* Will be sold in kit form
* All metal chassis
* Two speed transmission

* LED light system