Cross-RC TC6 6X6 (Flagship Version)

£899.95 £999.95

Cross-RC TC6 6X6 Military Truck Kit

The 1/12th scaled TC6 comes with six wheel steering, along with independent suspension. More impressively, the TC6 is absolutely loaded with intricate scale detailing from bumper to bumper. The TC6 comes in at 2 different levels of kit, Standard and Flagship Edition

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                                                        STANDARD               FLAGSHIP

Configuration list
Controllable light
Hidden acoustic horn
Simulation engine sound
Simulation engine
Steel front guarder
Metal tent support
Metal 2 speed gearbox
High torque 550 motor
Metal CVD drive shaft
Steel CVD halfshaft
Steel axle gear
Steel chassis armor
Steel subframe
Rear axle anti roll bar
Mixed fiber nylon A arm
Mixed fiber nylon steering cup
Mixed fiber nylon C seat
Mixed fiber nylon diff. case
Mixed fiber nylon anti roll bar arm
Aluminum alloy CNC A arm
Aluminum alloy CNC steering cup
Aluminum alloy CNC C seat
Aluminum alloy CNC diff. case
Aluminum alloy CNC anti roll bar arm