Cross-RC FR4 Demon Complete Kit A Version

£269.95 £299.95


Cross-rc have released this new FR4 Demon 1/10 scale truck kit, it is available in 3 versions.

Cross RC FR-4A

  • High Powered LED Lights
  • ABS Square Grille w/ 4 Lamps
  • 35T Brushed Motor
  • Nylon Roll Cage & Roof Rack
  • Metal Transmission Guard
  • Metal Transfer Case Mount
  • Transfer & Transmission Cases: Nylon Case / Steel Gears
  • Transfer Case Gears: Metal
  • Front & Rear Drive Shafts: Metal
  • Drivetrain/Transfer Case Reverse Rotation Feature: YES (Reduces Torque Steer)
  • Chassis Stiffeners: YES
  • Pivot Balls: Metal
  • Shocks: Aluminum Coil-Over
  • Axle: G2 Axle-Plastic Housing
  • Axle Gears: Stainless Steel Cast Metal Gears
  • Drive Hex: Metal
  • Wheels: Plastic
  • Tires: Black Rock 115/45R 1.9″
  • Foam Inserts: Single-Stage
  • 305mm wheelbase



Radio Gear with receiver and 1 servo, 3-channels recommended
Electronic Speed Controller
Battery: 2s or 6 cell nimh
Charger: suitable for above battery
Tools and paints to complete r/c model