Cross-RC BT8 Complete Kit


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Amphibious 8×8 Armored Transport Vehicle.

More Spec To Follow!

The BT8 features all wheel steering, a 360 degree moveable turret, and is designed to be amphibious as it comes with a water jet propulsion system!

* All metal two speed transmission
* 4 axles with 8 wheel drive
* Floats in water
* Length – 700mm
* Width – 278mm
* All-metal 8-wheel independent suspension
* Belt driven 8×8
* Equipped with a retractable water baffle
* Infinite rotating turret
* 6 scale multi-purpose smoke devices
* Scale periscopes, low light and infrared night vision devices on side
* Scale body details like metal towing hooks, cables, & external infantry armrests

Electronic equipment requirements and recommendations:

Equipment Specification Remark
Remotes 8 channels or Up Waterproof connector is
Steering servo≥30KG*2 HV waterproof High torque standard steering

Shift servo≥10KG*1 Standard steering

E S C x 2 80A

BEC output>3A

Brush motor Brush motor 560 38T *2 or Up The Max. Size: Ø39mm*65mm

Installation hole spacing: 25mmBrushless motor ≤2100KV

Motor gear M0.8 Model 11-15 gear M0.8 Model ≠32P

UBEC Continuous current ≥ 10A Suggest Servo to be
independently powered by UBEC

Motor gear Total reduction ratio Environment

12T 1:46.5

1:18.8 Suitable for crossing and climbing

Gear reduction ratio range reference
11T 12T 13T 14T 15T
Low speed 50.7 46.5 42.9 39.8 37.2
High speed 20.5 18.8 17.4 16.1 15
Battery box inner size 135*170*29mm Battery box entry hole 135*58mm