SCX10 Full Alloy Chassis Set 290mm Wheelbase


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We have sourced this superb chassis set and added our own spec components from the manufacturer !

Some assembly required

SCX10  Full Alloy Chassis Set (No body included)

Every available upgrade included from axles to the gearbox, spur to gearbox casings

Hardened steel transmission gears (Pinion included)

Hardened steel helical axle gears

Hardened steel drive shafts and CVDs

Alloy axles

Alloy links with steel balls and nylon ball ends

Alloy rock sliders

Alloy body mounts

Alloy everything including receiver box

Alloy super scale 1.9 beadlock wheels with scale hex bolts and centre hubs

Soft compound 1.9 crawler tyres 114mm dia 40mm wide

Compatible with all Axial parts

290mm wheelbase

Alloy front narrow stinger style winch bumper with shackles and fairlead, also with led lights

Alloy rear full width bumper with shackles, also with led lights

Note! Leds require a control box, do not plug directly in to receiver.

Suits all our 290mm wheelbase body sets !

Lexan or hard body types!

May need longer rear body mounts if a station wagon style body is used  with this chassis

Some adjustments may be needed to chassis to fit some body sets as required

You may not be able to use the winch bumper with some body sets

No electrics or body included

Please note that the shocks will need filling and check all fasteners for tightness use threadlock on machine screws

Req for operation

2 channel radio (minimum), speed controller, servo, motor, main battery and charger, radio batteries.