GT Power Semi Truck Light, Sound And Vibration System Pro (EU VERSION)


GT Power Container Truck Light and Sound Vibration System Pro



If you’re an R/C truck fanatic then this hugely capable system from G.T. Power is sure to be on your wish list if you want to add that final touch of realism. Featuring 24 sound effects including engine starting, idling, gear shifting, revving, stopping and oodles more there’s also a full lighting system and a handful of special features, not least an adjustable vibration motor to properly simulate the effects of a powerful turbo charged diesel. In short this comprehensive sound and light system is just what you need to bring your truck to life and, best of all, it’s bluetooth controlled and incorporates your vehicle’s ESC, which means that only a basic 4-channel receiver is required to get it all up and running. Got a truck? You need this.

GT Power Container Truck Light and Sound Vibration System Features:

  • 24 sound effects: Alarm 1, Alarm 2, engine starter, idling, air dryer, revving, running without semi-trailer, running with semi-trailer, coupler attachment, coupler detachment, down-shifting, up-shifting, air discharging 1, air discharging 2, exhaust brake, brake, short honk, continuous honk, turn signal 1, turn signal 2, hazard lamp, back alarm, parking brake, engine stop.
  • 9 electrical effects: Headlight, taillight, speed indicator, fog lamp, turn signals, reverse light, roof lamp, hazard lamp, auxiliary lamp.
  • 5 special features: Engine stop / start switching, horn / support leg switching, light on/off switching, turn signal / hazard lamp switching, running / revving switching.
  • Bluetooth control & configuration

GT Power Container Truck Light and Sound Vibration System Includes:

  • 1x Main control box
  • 1x Main board
  • 1x Vibration motor
  • 1x Speaker unit
  • 1x Set of lighting units
  • 1x Accessory set
  • 1x Comprehensive instruction manual

GT Power Container Truck Light and Sound Vibration System Requires:

  • 1x Minimum 4 channel transmitter and receiver combo
  • 1x Suitable truck drive battery
  • 1x Bluetooth enabled smart phone
  • Specification:
    Input Voltage Range:7-14V
    The Maximum Current of the lamp group single lighting:30mA
    Speaker:4 ohm impedance,more than 5w
    Transmitter:4 channel minimum
    ESC:max 30A
    The Size of the Controller Board:102.5*67*15.3mm
    Total Weight:570g