Complete Assembled Scale PHAT Rear Axle Version 2 for D90/D110 Red


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  • Complete Rear Scale PHAT™ Axles for the Boom Racing D90/D110 or Gelande 2 D90, TF2. Weighs a whopping 240 grams rear.

    Scale PHAT Axle Housing
    Heavy duty one piece rear drive shaft
    Heavy duty helical ring and pinion bevel gears (27/10T)
    Full bearings
    Low Profile PHAT Truss
    Aluminum 12mm wheel hex

    This version 2 has updated helical gears and PHAT™ Scale truss. Helical gears now using 27/10T, with bigger teeth and beefier material than Version 1.

    When you receive the axles, take them aparts and shim them properly and make sure the gears are lined up smooth. Turn the input shaft and you should feel no clicks or bumps, it should be smooth.

    Shim Sizes: 8mm ring gear 5mm pinion gear.

    Build your own custom scale rigs with these performance based D90/D110 Scale PHAT™ Axles. If you are looking for a solid heavy duty axle, this one is for you.

    Replacement bevel gear set.
  • This item replaced these previous versions:
  • Color: Red