Carisma Scale Adventure - SCA-1E 1976 Ford F-150 4wd RTR scale truck (324mm wheelbase)

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Introducing the new SCA-1E – 1976 Ford F-150 LWB 1/10th RTR truck!!!

Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce the third RTR release in their global brand.

Based on a long wheelbase incarnation of the Recon G6 Certified SCA-1E, they have taken the success of that first rig and

produced a RTR with many additional features and performance enhancements. The core values remain the same, and the

brands ethos of producing products that offer Quality, Fun, Performance & Scale Realism have never been so relevant.

This is the first of a new generation of SCA-1E using a fully licensed bodyshell, that blends the weight saving of Lexan, with

additional detailing of Injection moulded parts. It's the best of both worlds, offering photo realistic looks, but without the

centre of gravity issues associated with running a full hard bodied rig.


 The SCA-1E Ford F-150 1976 features: 

• Highly detailed Licensced Ford 1976 F-150 body with moulded scale accessories

• 324mm LWB chassis, meaning that the body will also direct fit TRX4 & SCX10.2

• New Forward Weight Bias battery mount position to improve crawling capability

• New Own Brand ARC-1 ESC, Improved throttle finesse & voltage protection

• New Chassis Mounted Steering Servo position for additional scale realism

• New symmetrical 1.9 True Beadlock Carisma Scale Adventure wheels

• New soft compound 110mm all terrain scale tyres



The forward mounted battery position alters the weight-bias of the rig to improve its ability to ascend steep inclines and aid in Rock Crawling.

The CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo), keeps the steering servo up high and out of view, cleaning up the look of the front axle and offering better scale realism.

New true Beadlock 1.9 wheels are shod with soft compound All Terrain tyres, and allow for further adjustments in weight bias using stick on wheel weights.

As with the Coyote and the LYNX ORV, this is just the starting point for as detailed, or as simple a build as you feel.

From Trail Running and Bashing, to G6ing and Scale Competition, the new SCA-1E Ford F-150 will allow you to

experience the exiting world of Scale at whatever level you feel is best for you.

With a full Performance Hop Up range in continual development and tested by our own team drivers, and additional

scale accessories being released by both the brand itself and third party partners, it's never been a better time to start (or continue) your own, personal Scale Adventure.


"1976 Was A Historic Year, 2018 Will Be Even Better!"

Ivan Carisma