Carisma 16282 1976 Ford F-150 Half Cab 2 piece body set 324mm wb


Carisma 16282 1976 Ford F-150 Half Cab 2 piece body set. 324mm Wheelbase.

Full or Half, You Decide!

Carisma Scale Adventure are proud to announce Item:16282, a new variation on our successful and fully licensed 1976 Ford F-150, but now in a 2-Piece 'Half Cab' design.

This will allow end users and custom builders to create full 324mm Flatbed based build, or a Cab Only Cageback or Truck Build, or with a little ingenuity with the Lexan scissors, a combination of both styles.

This item will replace the original 324mm Clear F-150 body (Item:15988), and that will be discontinued. We feel offering the LWB body in this configuration will be more versatile for all involved and ensure that creativity when building a Ford based rig isn't restricted in any way. 

The body will be supplied with all the usual Injection Moulded and Chromed Scale Detailing as before, with LED Light Buckets front and rear, the Mounting Hardware to bolt both sections together, and comprehensive Instructions and Decal Sheet (with window tints).