Boom Racing Overdrive Transfer Case Kit for BRX Chassis for BRX01


  • Looking for an edge on extreme terrain? Unleash the performance of your BRX01 chassis with this all-new Overdrive Transfer Case Kit.

    This OD T-Case will give you instant advantages for maximum off-road capability in crawling and climbing situations. Gearing the front axle so it spins the front wheels faster than the rear wheels there to improve your rig’s crawling ability.

    Improve steering capability with the front wheels spinning 32% faster than the rears. With the front wheels spinning faster, the BRX01 will turn better. Overdriving the front axle helps the front wheels pull the truck up slopes and over obstacles, instead of being pushed from the rear axle. This t-case also helps with reducing torque twist.

    To set up the OD T-Case, replace the stock transfer case directly.

    • Improve steering capability
    • Helps with reducing torque twist
    • Front wheels spin faster (32%) pulling the truck up, instead of being pushed from the rear axle
    • Heavy-duty steel overdrive gear set
    • Billet aluminum transfer case
    • Full rubber-sealed ball bearings
    • Keeps the original anti-torque twist feature (counter-rotating output shafts)

    Comparison for OD VS Standard T-Case:
    • OD
      • Front to rear ouput speed ratio: 1.32 to 1
      • Input Gear: 16T
      • Front output gear: 25T
      • Rear output gear: 33T
    • Standard
      • Front to rear ouput speed ratio: 1 to 1
      • Input Gear: 20T
      • Front output gear: 29T
      • Rear output gear: 29T

    • Boom Racing BRX01 chassis

    Spare Part:
    • Overdrive HD Gear Set for BRX T-Case (33T, 25T, 16T)