Boom Racing Overdrive HD Gear Set for DIG/SWD/OD Transfer Cases (33T, 25T, 16T) for BRX Chassis for BRX01


  • This is a set of overdrive gears for the Boom Racing DIG/SWD/Overdrive transfer cases. Will fit all three t-cases.

    They are optional gears for the DIG T-Case and the SWD (2WD/4WD) T-Case. Front wheels will rotate 32% faster than the rear wheels.

    They are replacement gears for the Overdrive T-Case #BRLC70201-OD.

    • Overdrive T-Case #BRLC70201-OD
    • SWD (RWD/4WD) T-Case #BRLC70301-SWD
    • DIG T-Case #BRLC70101-DIG

    Note: the OD gears will not fit the BRX01 stock transfer case or BRX Anti Torque Twist SRD Transfer Case #BRQ763069. These gears are designed for the DIG/SWD/OD transfer cases.