Boom Racing KUDU™ Spectre Aluminum Tubular Side Step w/ Black Diamond Plate (2) for BRX02


  • This is a set of KUDU™ Aluminum Tubular Side Step with Diamond Plate (black) for the BRX02.

    These tubular side steps protect the body and chassis from trail objects, and work as rock sliders for better performance. They are made of lightweight aluminum to keep the CG low.

    The side steps mount onto the BRX02 quick release and stay with the body when the body is detached from the chassis.

    • Realistic scale design
    • Protects body and chassis from trail debris and reduces body scratches
    • Billet aluminum for strength and durability
    • Black diamond plate with silver highlighted texture
    • Bolt-on to chassis design, no drilling required

    • Aluminum side step (left and right)
    • 2x Diamond plate (black)
    • 4x Aluminum mounts for BRX02
    • 2x Two-sided tapes for diamond plate
    • Hardware
  • Color: Black