Boom Racing Front Leaf Spring Conversion Kit for BRX01


  • This is a complete front leaf spring conversion kit for the BRX01. Convert the original link suspension geometry into leaf spring suspension.

    The leaf spring unit has a master leaf and three graduated leaves for adjustability. The leaves have an all-new shape design and use new proprietary steel material for durability and strength. You may use up to four leaves for adjusting the rebound strength.

    The original shocks on the BRX01 can be used with this leaf spring conversion kit.

    Two Aluminum Anti-wrap Bars are included. Axle wrap is a problem that plagues leaf sprung vehicles, even tiny trucks. It is unwanted suspension movement that allows the pinion angle to change, which can cause drivelines to bind and break. The bars will prevent this.

    Realistic shackle bolts for ultimate scale realism, are included.

    The steering link moves to the front of the axle with the aluminum knuckle levers provided.

    • 116mm eye-to-eye

    • BRX01 (Front Only)

    • 2x Front Master Leaf
    • 2x each Leaf A/B/C
    • 2x Leaf Spring Channel #BRLC7046A
    • 2x each Front Shackle A & B #BRLC7021A
    • 2x each Leaf Retainer - Outside and Inside #BRLC7046F
    • 6x M3x14 Bolt #BRLC7064E
    • 1x Knuckle Lever - Right #BRLC7002/A
    • 1x Knuckle Lever - Left #BRLC7002B
    • 2x M4x40 Anti-Wrap Bar #BRLC7064C
    • 2x D3x6x2 Washer
    • 2x D4x7x1 Spacer #BRASSPD471/N
    • 1x D3x6x6 Tapper Spacer #BRLC7042
    • 4x KUDU Nylon Rod End (Straight 18.5mm) #BRW750306A
    • 2x KUDU Nylon Rod End (Upwards 20.0mm) #BRW750306D
    • 6x BADASS Stainless Steel Pivot Ball XBRW750300
    • 13x M3 Nyloc Nut #BRASNUTM3
    • 2x M2.5 Nut #BRASNUTM25
    • Complete Hardware