Boom Racing Aluminum Knuckle Lever (High Clearance) Right for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 PHAT™ Axle Knuckle (1) for BRX01


  • This is a one-piece CNC aluminum high-clearance knuckle lever. This is a replacement part for the BRX01 and BRX02 Leaf chassis.

    Can be fitted to the front (forward-facing) part of the knuckle (right side) or the back (rear-facing) part of the knuckle (left side).

    This part is necessary for behind-the-axle setup for BRX70/BRX80/BRX90 axles (use both BRLC7002/A and BRLC7002/B).

    • BRX01
    • BRX02 Leaf
    • BRX70 axle
    • BRX80 axle
    • BRX90 axle
    • AR44 axle (must use with BRLC7002 or BRLC7002/CA knuckle)
    • Aluminum Knuckle for BRX70 / BRX90 / AR44 Axle BRLC7002
    • Cast Metal Knuckle for BRX70 / BRX90 / AR44 Axle (2) BRLC7002/CA