Boom Racing Aluminum Front Low Profile Truss Conversion Kit for Scale PHAT Axle Defender D90/D110 for Boom Racing D90/D110 Chassis


  • Extremely hard anodized aluminum. Stronger and lighter than equivalent standard cast or billet machined part.
  • This Front Low Profile Aluminum Truss Conversion Kit gives you additional clearance and shock travel for front axle of Boom Racing D90/D110.

    Without raising the engine transmission, this upgrade provides more clearance and keeps the low center of gravity from the weight of the transmission.

    • Aluminum low profile truss
    • Aluminum link mounts
    • Aluminum upper link with rod ends
    • Hardware for installation
    • An additional longer rod end is provided for adjustments

    • Boom Racing D90 / D110
    • Scale PHAT Axle Housing
  • Color: Black
  • Product total weight: 40.00 grams
  • Factory description: Boom Racing Boom Racing D90/D110 Chassis Aluminum Front Low Profile Truss Conversion Kit